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About me

Shauna Ozana (also known as Bones) is a whimsical Artist, enthusiastic nerd, and avid story-teller. With skills that extend into various artistic fields such as: painting, digital illustration, sculpture, design, photography, print-making, textiles, and laser engraving they consider themselves as a jack of all trades, master of some.

I create artwork that can be used for ttrpgs such as character commissions, custom dm screens, dice tomes, and more.

My personal style leads me to create witchy paintings, prints and garments that are sure to satisfy.

Graduate of University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2022. Her recent body of work has been made in the context of personal emotions and mental health. This work was outside the box in comparison with their other projects that includes the book cover illustration on "Chronicles of a Witch's Cat" by Cara McFee, and other creative fantasy inspired creations.

Regardless of material or medium Shauna aims to create and tell stories through her work. Whether this be through traditional artist's hand or playing  Dungeons and Dragons in her free time, it brings her equal joy.

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